Texas Association of Domestic  Relations Offices


Join TADRO Texas Association of Domestic Relations Offices (TADRO)

Individual memberships in TADRO are available to any individual who is actively employed by a Texas  

county government division whose principal purpose is related to collection, recording and disbursement of child support; enforcement or establishment of orders providing for the possession, support, or access to a child; informational, referral, and counseling services to assist parties affected by such court         

orders; and/or advancement, promotion, and encouragement of all efforts necessary to carry out said               purposes.  Individual memberships may be available to any other person whom the TADRO Board of Directors deems eligible by majority vote.  Affiliate membership may be available to any county office,               corporation or firm whose principal business is the provision of services which support the membership             offices in this Association. Affiliate membership is by TADRO Board of Directors approval only and rights of participation are regulated by the Board of Directors. Affiliate members are non-voting members.

Benefits of Membership

*Peer group contacts allow for the exchange of information about new and innovative programs, current programs and particular County practices.
*Yearly TADRO conference offers peer group information exchange, sharing of ideas, training, networking 

and legislative and congressional updates.
*TADRO selects members to negotiate as a group with the Office of the Attorney General so that contracts with the OAG are uniform and fair to counties.
*TADRO has members that actively monitor legislative activities in regards to Family Law and other pertinent codes, present and negotiate on TADRO legislative priorities and keep members informed.
*Professional associations for peer assistance, advice, support and encouragement.
*Play a part in shaping the future of family law and advocacy while keeping current on all other aspects of         family law.

*Support of the cause and mission of Domestic Relations Offices (DRO) so that every child has what is                 necessary to not only survive, but to thrive.

*Opportunities to make lasting friends.

Cost of Membership is $25 per year, per individual. Individuals that register for the annual conference automatically become members.

Annual Conference

The TADRO conference offers peer group information exchange, sharing of ideas, training, networking and legislative and congressional updates. The conference also allows attendees to stay informed about current research and federal initiatives that affect Domestic Relations Offices. We look forward to seeing you at our next conference! TADRO conferences are usually held in October or November of each year. The location and host County changes yearly but is always held in a Texas city.

    Membership Form

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    City ____________________________State____________Zip____________

    Your Name _____________________________________________________

    Job Title________________________________________________________

    Phone __________________________E-mail _________________________

    What services does your office provide?                                                                   ___________________________________________________________________________________________________



Mail form with $25 check payable to TADRO, to:  Treasurer Rebecca MIranda, Travis County Domestic Relations Office, P.O. Box 1495, Austin, Texas 78767, For additional information you may e-mail Rebecca at               Rebecca.Miranda@traviscountytx.gov or call her at 512-854-9814.