Bexar County Domestic Relations Office

Tony Neugebauer, Director
100 Dolorosa
San Antonio, Texas 78205
210-335-335-2809 office
210-335-2968 fax

• The Bexar County Domestic Relations Office, through its ACCESS Program, provides intervention assistance where non-custodial parents with final orders are experiencing access/visitation enforcement difficulties and are without the means to hire a private attorney.  Assistance includes screening assessment, access resolution, cooperative parenting, counseling, and enforcement proceedings.
• Referrals for mental health services related to custody and access issues, such as Child Custody Evaluations, Psychological Evaluations, Parent Coordination, Counseling and Parenting Classes, are available upon request.
• The Bexar County Domestic Relations Office provides funding to support safe neutral exchanges and supervised visitation services through Center for Family Relations and San Antonio Kids Share programs.
• Sliding fee Cooperative Parenting Classes are also subsidized through contract with Bexar Family Solution agency.
• The Bexar County Child Support Probation Unit, through its Children First Jail Intervention Program, provides alternatives to lengthy jail stays for a selected group of incarcerated non-custodial parents who are not making their child and medical support payments.
• The Community Supervision Program receives cases transitioned from Children First on probation or outright placed on probation by the courts for non-payment of child and medical support.

Dallas County Domestic Relations Office


Angela Igrisan, Director
600 Commerce, #201
Dallas, Texas 75202
214-653-6971 office
214-653-7574 fax

The Dallas County Domestic Relations Office, Child Support division serves as a local rule office in conjunction with the Texas Attorney General’s Office by enforcing final child support orders out of Dallas County.  We also input and update information on all cases (temporary, final, modifications) for the State Disbursement Unit.  The Family Court Services division conducts court ordered Adoption and Child Custody Evaluations, in addition to Mediations.

El Paso County Domestic Relations Office


Brian Stanley, Executive Director
500 E. San Antonio, Suite LL-108 
El Paso, Texas 79901 
915-834-8292 office
915-834-8299 fax

The El Paso County Domestic Relations Office provides child support and medical support enforcement services under contract with the Texas Attorney General's Office effective March 1, 2013.  Cases prior to that time are eligible for Friend of the Court enforcement.  Additionally, Community Supervision/Probation services are also available for both Attorney General and Friend of the Court cases.   Another initiative, in cooperation with the Attorney General, is a grant for Access and Possession enforcement.  The goal is to increase parenting time for Non-Custodial Parents utilizing facilitation, mediation, and ultimately court enforcement where warranted.   Other services offered by the El Paso County DRO within our Family Court Services Division includes mediation, custody evaluations, adoption studies, cooperative parenting classes, and other services in support of the courts and families.

Fort Bend County Child Support Office


Bekki Laskoskie, Administrator
P.O. Box 118
Richmond, TX  77406-0118


The Ft. Bend County Child Support Office processes child support payments, conducts case audits, processes terminations of income withholding orders, provides payment records, and appoints attorneys to enforce child support, medical support, and visitation. 

Harris County Domestic Relations Office 

David Simpson, Executive Director
1310 Prairie Street, Suite 1080
Houston, Texas 77002
713-274-7300 Office
713-437-4744 fax

• The Family Court Services Division provides custody evaluations, issue based investigations, adoption evaluations, termination evaluations, parenting coordination, child counseling (voucher), and parent education (voucher).
• The Legal Enforcement Division establishes and enforces possession/access and child support orders, establishes paternity, issues and terminates income withholding orders, provides child support accountings, conducts attorney consultations and provides early intervention child support services  in partnership with the Family Courts and Office of the Texas Attorney General (FOCAS Program). 
• The Family Dispute Resolution Division provides family mediation, access facilitation and parent conferences.
• The Community Supervision Unit provides supervision of parents placed on probation for violation of a child-related injunction, violation of a possession/access order or failure to pay child support.  

Hidalgo County Domestic Relations Office

Ida Trejo, Executive Director
100 N. Closer-4th Floor,

Edinburg, Texas 78539
956-292-7048 Office

956-292-7050 fax


The Hidalgo County Domestic Relations Office provides a range of services to address the needs of separated families going through divorce or parent-child proceedings.  Our DRO will assist parents resolve issues that arise after divorce, separation or establishment of a parent-child relationship. Our Social Workers will provide help through referrals so that children have a secure and peaceful relationship with both parents. Our DRO provides the following services: Access Facilitation, Cooperative Parenting, Court Ordered Orientation, Limited Scope Investigations and Child Custody Evaluations.

Lubbock County Domestic Relations Office 

Gene Valentini, Director
P.O. Box 10536 

916 Main St., Suite 800

Lubbock, Texas 79401 

806-775-1720 office

866-329-3522, toll free

806-775-7929 fax

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services:

•Conducts court ordered mediation
·Provides parent coordination and facilitation services
Community Intervention Services:
·Supervises parents placed on Community Supervision for failure to pay child support  
·Conducts court ordered adoption evaluations
·Oversees court ordered supervised visitation

Tarrant County Domestic Relations Office


Christina Glenn, Executive Director
200 E. Weatherford St.
Ft. Worth, Texas 76196-0290
817-884-1015 office
817-884-2591 fax


  • Legal Support Services (LSS) provides litigation support as the Local Rule Office for region nine of the IV-D Child Support Monitoring Program. LSS also assists non IV-D applicants requesting enforcement of final Tarrant County child and medical support orders.  LSS, in collaboration with Family Courts Services, provides education, parenting coordination, and enforcement litigation of visitation orders.  LSS assists the Tarrant County Family District Courts in administering their self-represented litigants’ dockets by reviewing final orders involving children and providing self-represented litigants the information needed to assist them in understanding, complying with, or enforcing their duties and obligations.

  • Family Courts Services, provides education, parenting coordination, and enforcement litigation of visitation orders.  LSS assists the Tarrant County Family District Courts in administering their self-represented litigants dockets by reviewing final orders involving children and providing self-represented litigants the information needed to assist them in understanding, complying with, or enforcing their duties and obligations.

  • Services provided by Family Court Services include court ordered child custody evaluations, abbreviated court services, parenting coordination, high conflict co-parenting coaching, court ordered mediation, and court ordered supervised visitation and exchanges.

  • Services provided by Community Supervision include supervision of parents placed on probation for failure to pay child support or for violation of a visitation order. 

  • Services provided by Child Support Services include customer service, complete certified payment records and arrearage computations, issuance of income withholding orders and writs, processing of child, medical and spousal support payments and fees.   Services provided by the Monitoring Division, a sub-division of the Child Support Division, include enforcement of child and medical support orders through administrative efforts, review of child support orders for adjustment and/or modification, refer cases to Legal Enforcement for legal action.

Taylor County Domestic Relations Office


Rosa Castillo, Executive Director
Taylor County Domestic Relations Office
400 Oak Street
Suite 110
Abilene, TX  79602
325-674-1210 office
352-674-1299 fax

• The Taylor County Domestic Relations Office serves as a Local Rule Office.
• This office also monitors registry-only cases and provides complete payment records (including interest calculations and arrearages) for both parties and their attorneys.

Travis County Domestic Relations Office


Scot Doyal, Director
P.O. Box 1495
1010 Lavaca Street
Austin, Texas 78767
512-854-9674 office
512-854-6625 fax

• Child and Medical Support Enforcement -   Parents with a Travis County order that have not been on TANF are automatically placed in the Title IV-D Attorney General monitoring program.  Services include telephone and letter collection, license suspension, contempt of court, community supervision (probation), incarceration, administrative income withholding and criminal non-support referrals.
• Visitation Enforcement -   Parents with a Travis County order can apply for visitation enforcement services.  Services include forums for parents to enhance cooperative parenting skills, telephone conferences, appointments with parents, referral to limited fee mediations, referral to monitored neutral child exchange sites or supervised visitation, counseling services, judicial actions through motions for counseling, and civil contempt for denial of possession.
• Family Court Services –  Guardians ad litem are appointed by the District Courts to assist in custody disputes, termination of parental rights, non-agency adoptions, emancipation cases and some abuse cases.  They perform custody evaluations, make home and school visits, and perform functions necessary to make a recommendation to the court. 
• Cooperative Parenting Classes - Domestic Relations furnishes parenting forums for parents going through divorce.  Most participants are court ordered to attend.   
• Community Supervision (Probation) – Domestic Relations Probation Officers monitor parents placed on community supervision for failure to pay child support and failure to allow the other parent court ordered visitation rights.  Through a contract with the Office of the Attorney General, Child Support Division, Travis County Domestic Relations also supervises all Attorney General child support probationers in Travis County.

Wharton County Domestic Relations Office 

​P O Box 807 Wharton, Texas 77488

• The Wharton County Child Support Office inputs case information and updates into the State Disbursement Unit System.
• Court appoints local attorney’s to CP’s when the NCP is more than 60 days behind in child support.
• Collects, posts and disburses court ordered child support payments to the payee or the State Disbursement Office.  Also withholds court ordered fees (court cost, court appointed attorney’s fees, & annual service fees) and distributes them to the proper person or entity.
• Provides pay records for the court ordered support that is paid through Wharton County or the State Disbursement for local registry cases only.
• Monitors cases for ending collection dates and sends letters to CP’s to verify that child has turned 18 and has graduated.

Texas Association of Domestic  Relations Offices